Solar Vent Roof Fan


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    The Solar Vent Roof Fan is a great choice if you want an economical fan that will reduce your energy costs, as this product depends on solar power rather than electricity to function. 

    Temperatures inside your roof/attic space can exceed 70C (1070F), which increases the temperature of your air-con ducting, forcing it to work harder and consume more energy. With a solar vent, no electricity is involved, so you can enjoy reduced temperatures at no extra cost.


    • The Solar Vent Solar Panel is fully adjustable and can be tilted and/or rotated to ensure maximum exposure to sunlight.
    • Performance is guaranteed, as no wind is required.
    • The solar vent can be used to prevent the build-up of heat in your property on hot summer days.
    • The vent can help to reduce mould and mildew in winter, as it will remove the moisture that would otherwise lead to this unwanted growth.
    • Extremely quiet operation thanks to a high-performance 38V motor

    Product specifications:

    Green-vent Solar  


    Solar panel:    15 Watts - 36 Cell Polycrystalline 

    Throat size:    300mm 

    Motor:            38V DC motor

    Shroud:           UV stabilised thermoplastic

    Flashing:         0.55mm (35 gage) pressed steel

    Environment control system:      Optional

    Solar vent solar


    30 Watts Polycrystalline


    Included as standard

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